At Wellesley, our top priority is superior product quality and excellent customer satisfaction. Our unique glucosamine formulation was developed with you, the customer, in mind. We removed all salts and made it easy to take – no tablets or capsules to swallow. Product quality is assured because we have it manufactured in a GMP pharmaceutical facility. We are innovators in the healthcare market, providing healthcare professionals and consumers with our signature product, Ultimate Glucosamine.

在Wellesley,首要大事是卓越的產品品質和優秀的客戶滿意度。獨一無二的葡糖胺配方,是抱著以客為本的心態研發而成。我們移除所有鹽分,不需吞服藥片或膠囊,使你能輕鬆服用。由於產品在GMP認證的藥廠生產,因此產品質量得到保證。我們是健康產品市場上的創新者,為廣大醫務人員及消費者提供Wellesley的王牌產品,Ultimate Glucosamine®。

Natural Source Formula天然資源配方

At Wellesley, we believe so strongly in the quality of our glucosamine product that we have devoted all our attention to Ultimate Glucosamine®. We continue to invest in product and process improvements. We tightly control the quality of research, manufacturing, packaging and distribution, ensuring consistent, superior quality of the product. We guarantee “true-to-label” claims because we purchase and assay all our own raw materials and supervise the manufacturing of our product. At Wellesley, we endeavor to secure the highest-quality ingredients from our network of suppliers. Our Ultimate Glucosamine® product adheres as closely as possible to the ingredients’ natural state, and is formulated with full-potency, premium-source nutrients.

在Wellesley,我們非常重視自家的葡糖胺產品品質,以至我們只專注於Ultimate Glucosamine®。我們繼續在產品上投資,以及一直作出改善。我們嚴格控制研究,製造,包裝和分銷的品質,保證優良而一致的產品水準。我們保證產品上”與標籤一致”的宣稱,因為所有原材料都由我們購買及檢測,並且監督產品製造過程。在Wellesley,我們努力從供應商網絡獲得最高品質的原材料。我們Ultimate Glucosamine®產物盡可能與成份的自然狀態貼近,並且以全效而頂級的營養素配製而成。

Research and Development 研究與開發

Our experienced medical and pharmaceutical professionals ensure that the latest research is available to support you, our customer.


Quality Control品質監控

Wellesley adheres to a high standard of purity, potency and manufacturing integrity. We use only GMP facilities in Canada that meet the required government guidelines covering all activities relating to fabrication, packaging/labeling, testing, distributing, importing and wholesaling of substances for human use. In addition, our products undergo ongoing testing to ensure consistent product potency and effectiveness.



Each lot manufactured is submitted to an independent quality control laboratory, where it is analyzed for potency and the absence of contaminants.



From our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Wellesley Therapeutics supplies healthcare professionals across Canada and the USA.

Wellesley Therapeutics從加拿大的總部為加拿大及美國的專業醫護人員提供藥物。

Our mission is to accelerate Wellesley’s growth by exploring opportunities for new distributors, acquisitions and strategic alliances. This approach will allow the corporation to expand its present activities in emerging markets and reinforce its competitive position.


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